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Perşembe 05 Ara 2019


Polonezköy is a famous Polak village in Beykoz district of İstanbul. It is 20 km far from The Black Sea coast and 15 km far from The Bosphorus coast.

The early name of Polonezköy is Adampol. Polonezköy was founded in 1842 by Prens Adam Czartoryski who was the government head during Poland revolt in 1830 and later was the political leader of Polish exiling. The name of the village was created from it’s founder’s name Adam as Adamköy. Land of the village was organised as a farm by Lazarist monks who were directing Saint Benoit French High School.

Paris was the center of the political immigration of the Polish at those times. Aim of Prens Adam Czartoryski was to found the second policy center in the borders of The Ottoman State. Fort his reason he sent Michal Czajkowski as his representative to The Ottoman State. Czajkowski who received the name of Mehmed Sadık Pasha by accepting Islam in 1850 after coming to İstanbul bought a forestry area. 220 people resided in the village where only 12 people resided in the beginning.

Polonezköy residents were accepted to Turkish citizenship in 1938. Polonezköy residents had the right for land title over the field they used.

Polonezköy has turned into a holiday village from an agriculture village with it’s transport opportunities, geographical position and it’s beatuful landscape.

Lands of Polonezköy belong to village residents or rich and famous people who arrive in Polonezköy for rest. Young people immigrated abroad in the 1980s started turning back to Polonezköy with development of the village and economic conditions and started running pension, restaurant and cafes.

Today approximately 1000 people live in Polonezköy. 40 people among these residents speak smooth dialect. Polonezköy festivity is held every year in Polonezköy emphasising bonds between Polonezköy and Poland.  The people of Polonezköy invite folklore groups participating to this festivity with their own financial potential.

Places worth seeing are:

Polonezköy that is prefered for picnic.

  1. Zofia Rizi Anı House- inner side- old and new photos, books and documents belongs to Ryzy Family.
  2. Czestochova Mother Mary Church
  3. Polonezköy cemetary where you can see graves of Ludwika Sniadecka whom Poland national poet Juliusz Slowacki fell in love with and other 92 historical graves restorated by Poland Republic National War and Martyrdom Council.

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